Issues with Missing Teeth

Think about this – how will you feel if you aren’t able to eat your favorite dish because you’ve got a missing tooth? How will you feel if you didn’t land the job that you want because your self-confidence is affected by your smile? Unluckily, issues with missing teeth affect more adults than you may think. The average adult has more than 3 decayed or missing teeth that require replacement or removal. This is according to the American Dental Association.  

Though it might be easy to simply accept a missing tooth, there are severe consequences to think about. If you don’t want to experience losing a tooth, it’s best to work with the best dentist in Lakewood.  

Oftentimes, a missing tooth is the result of gum illness, poor nutrition, tooth decay, or sports/car accidents. Though a missing tooth might simply appear like a cosmetic issue that a lot of individuals learn to live with, a missing tooth is more than simply a gap in your smile. It can have severe psychological and physical implications than can develop. This includes: 

Missed Job Opportunities 

According to a study, around 25% of individuals surveyed felt the look of their teeth influenced their ability to get a job. 

Loss of Confidence 

According to a study in 2015 by the ADA (American Dental Association), around 20% of individuals reported avoidance of smiling or embarrassment because of their missing teeth.  

Compromised Mental Health 

According to a study in 2014, there is a connection between both anxiety and depression and a missing tooth.  

Early Aging 

Your skin could begin to sag without your teeth to support the skin around your mouth. This makes people with missing teeth look older than they are.  

Bone Loss 

A missing tooth can actually cause bone loss in your face and jaw because of atrophy. For those who don’t know, the decrease and weakening of tissue are called atrophy. This causes a change in the structure of your face. On almost every occasion, this results in the face shrinking in and looking older.  

Speech Problems 

This can lower self-confidence. It can also be embarrassing. It is just like physical appearance.  

Shifting Teeth 

If there’s extra space around a tooth because it is missing, your teeth will move as well. you might see them crowd or gap each other. This causes bigger issues in the future. This includes a painful bite. When teeth start to collide, tooth decay might become harder to reach. Because of this, you might lose your other teeth as well.  

Difficulty Chewing 

Your teeth are made for chewing. Thus, if one tooth is missing, it makes it a bit harder to chew. Chewing can cause pain for the individual. This causes them to eat various foods or eat less. Oftentimes. This leads to poor nutrition.  

If you do not want to experience these problems, you’ve got to ensure you avoid losing a tooth. One way to do this is to regularly visit your dentist. They will help in maintaining your oral and dental health.